2017 Gulfstream G650 | $52,950,000 | PHOENIX LUXURY

2017 Gulfstream G650 | $52,950,000



Reasons to buy THIS Gulfstream G650

  • August 2017 Entry Into Service, One (1) U.S. Corporate Owner, “N” Registered 
  • Forward Galley 16 Passenger Interior 
  • Part 135 Compliance Requirements - Aft Cabin 135 Crew Rest 
  • Production, Components & Outfitting Warranties Remaining 
  • SwiftBroadband & Gogo Biz® ATG 4000 High-Speed Data Systems with SDR 
  • Honeywell AIS-2000 Satellite TV System 
  • ADS-B Out V2 (DO-260B), FANS 1/A+ CPDLC, TCAS 7.1 
  • Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (HUD & EVS) 
  • Lightning Sensor System & Runway Awareness & Advisory System 
  • Enhanced Vision Assurance System (EVAS™) 



TTSN: 888 hours 
TLSN: 479 landings 
Time/Landings as of 14 June 2019


Type: Rolls-Royce BR700-725A1-12

#1 (Left) #2 (Right)
Serial Number: 25627 25626
TTSN: 888 hours 888 hours
TCSN: 479 cycles 479 cycles
Times/Cycles as of 14 June 2019


Type: Honeywell RE220
Serial Number: P-374
TTSN: 754 hours
Time as of 14 June 2019


Gulfstream PlaneView ™ II Integrated Avionics*
AFCS: Dual Automatic Flight Guidance System with Autothrottles & Autobrakes
EFIS: Four (4) Honeywell DU-1310 LCDs with Electronic Terminal Charts*
VGS: Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (HUD & EVS) & Honeywell SmartView® Synthetic Vision System*
FMS: Triple Honeywell Primus Epic Flight Management System with WAAS/LPV*
CDU: Triple Honeywell Multifunction Control Display Units
DATALINK: Honeywell Communications Management Function with FANS 1/A+ CPDLC*
VHF COM: Triple Honeywell VHF Communications System
HF COM: Dual HF Communications System with SELCAL
AUDIO: Triple Audio Control Panels
SATCOM 1: Gogo Business Aviation Axxess® II Iridium Satcom System*
SATCOM 2: Honeywell MCS-7120 Inmarsat Satcom System*
DATA: SwiftBroadband & Gogo Biz® ATG 4000 with Satcom Direct Router (SDR)*
PHONE: Aircell Axxess® II Satcom System with Multiple Handsets*
GPS: Dual SBAS/WAAS GPS Receivers
NAV: Triple Honeywell Navigation System
IRS: Triple Honeywell Inertial Reference Systems
DME: Dual Honeywell DME Receivers
ADF: Honeywell ADF Receiver
RADAR: Honeywell IntuVue® 3D Weather Radar System
LSS: Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System (LSS)
WX: NEXRAD Weather Uplink*
RADALT: Dual Honeywell Digital Radio Altimeters
TAWS: Dual Honeywell EGPWS with Runway Awareness & Advisory System (RAAS)*
ACAS: Honeywell TCAS II with Change 7.1
XPNDR: Dual Honeywell Mode S Transponders with ADS-B Out V2 (DO-260B)
FDR: Solid-State Flight Data Recorder (Part 135 compliant)
CVR: Solid-State Cockpit Voice Recorder with RIPS
ELT: 406 MHz ELT
*Certain Installed Applications/Equipment Require Optional Subscriptions
Passenger Seating: Sixteen (16) Passengers 
Flight Observer Seat: Yes
Crew Rest Compartment: Yes – Aft Cabin

Configuration, Storage & Miscellaneous:
This G650 Forward Galley – 16 Passenger interior configuration consists of a forward galley with annex, a forward lavatory, a four-zone main cabin, an aft lavatory, and an aft in-flight accessible baggage compartment. The four-zone cabin features a forward cabin with four single seats in club configuration, a second zone with a left-hand three-place berthing divan opposite a credenza, a third zone with a left-hand four-place conference/dining group opposite two club seats, and an aft zone with a left-hand single seat opposite a three-place berthing divan that is certified for two (2) passengers during takeoff and landing.

The forward cabin’s two (2) forward-facing seats are powered and feature electric lumbar, a leg rest, berthing capability, memory pre-set, back cushion massage, and cushion heat. All other cabin single seats are manually operated and feature electric lumbar, a leg rest, and berthing capability. 

The conference group’s manually operated double seats feature electric lumbar, and drop-down inboard and center armrests. A bulkhead with an electrically-operated pocket door provides separation between the galley and forward cabin, and a second bulkhead with an electrically-operated pocket door is located between the aft mid-cabin and aft cabin areas. The aft cabin bulkhead features the ability to lockout the door to the open (stowed) position during flights conducted under FAR Part 135 operations, during such times a removable privacy curtain is installed in a permanently mounted headliner track.

Electrically-operated console tables are installed at each two-place club seating area and at the aft cabin’s single seat, and a three-position conference table with removable table leaf extension is located at the mid-cabin conference group.

Crew Rest Compartment: Aft Cabin
The main cabin’s aft-most zone is designated a FAR 135 Crew Rest Compartment – Not Exceeding 12 Hours of Flight Duration, and it features a removable privacy curtain, a privacy switch, and a berthing divan which meets the minimum requirements for use by flight crew during rest periods. 

Cabin Management & Entertainment:
The Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS) includes wireless touch-screen passenger control units (iPod Touch), as well as other control interfaces to provide crew and passengers access to the various cabin systems such as environmental, electric window shades, and entertainment. 

An Alto cabin audio system is complimented by a high definition cabin video system consisting of a dual slot Blu-ray player with dual 160 GB media servers and two (2) USB ports, a forward right-hand cabin bulkhead 26” widescreen HD LCD monitor, a credenza 32” widescreen HD LCD hinged monitor, one (1) each 26” widescreen HD LCD monitor on the forward and aft side of the mid-cabin left-hand bulkhead, and a 12.1” HD LCD personal monitor is mounted in each cabin single seat’s inboard armrest. 

Cabin entertainment equipment includes Gulfstream’s CabinView™ Passenger Flight Information System, Honeywell AIS-2000 Standard Definition Satellite TV, an external standard definition camera system with three (3) cameras. The personal monitors are connected to CabinView™.

Data & Communications:
Internet access is available through the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and Gogo Biz® ATG 4000 high-speed data systems via a Satcom Direct Router (SDR) with WiFi. A Gogo Business Aviation Axxess® II Iridium Satcom is interfaced to the Honeywell Inmarsat Satcom with both systems providing satellite voice calling via multiple cabin wireless handsets and a cockpit wired handset. 

Interior Finishes:
The interior woodwork is finished in “Qtr. Walnut” matte veneer with “Comp Black Ebony” gloss veneer accents, and the main cabin exposed metal features “Brushed Black Pearl Satin” plating. The main cabin features “Dice II Focus Grid” wool/silk blend carpet, and “Aeon Shift” vinyl flooring is installed in the entryway/vestibule, galley, and both lavatories. The main cabin headliner is finished in “Pale Beige” Tapisuede™, the upper sidewall panels are covered in “Sailcloth” Ultratech 7000™, and the lower sidewall panels are finished in “Custom Black Brown Small Squares” leather. The main cabin single and double seats, excluding the aft cabin’s single seat, are covered in “Caressa Custom Pebble Beach” leather, the mid-cabin divan is finished in “Cosmos Brun” fabric, and the aft cabin divan is covered in “Zelander Twill Palomino”. “Corian Oat” acrylic countertops are installed in the galley and both lavatories.

Galley: Forward
The galley features dual coffee makers, a microwave, a convection oven, a countertop with pullout work surface, a sink with faucet, dual ice drawers, a refrigerator, and multiple dedicated and miscellaneous storage drawers and compartments.

Lavatories: Forward & Aft
The right-hand forward lavatory features a vanity with sink and faucet, and a vacuum toilet. The aft lavatory has a vanity with sink and faucet, a vacuum toilet, and a storage cabinet.

Baggage Compartment:
An inflight accessible baggage compartment is aft of the aft lavatory.
The aircraft is painted overall “Matterhorn White” with “Black Velvet” along the upper forward fuselage and upper tail, and with “Taupe Frost”, “Titanium Pearl”, and “Gray” stripes.
Part 135 Compliance Requirements
Additional (2nd) Maintenance Storage Box
Securaplane 500 Aircraft Security System
Enhanced Vision Assurance System (EVAS™)
World Map Inlay on Right-hand Electronic Equipment Rack Closeout Panel (Vestibule)
ASC 091 – Acoustic Door Noise Reduction - Modification
• Gulfstream Primary & Secondary Structure – Twenty (20) years from delivery or 20,000 flight hours, whichever is shorter (Delivered August 18, 2017)
• Gulfstream Components – Five (5) years from delivery
• Gulfstream Outfitting – Twenty-Four (24) months from delivery